Code of Conduct

Plagiarism is an act of academic dishonesty, and a form of theft involving print, electronic, and all other forms of communication. In its broadest sense, plagiarism is passing off someone else’s words or ideas as your own. It includes copying words verbatim and paraphrasing, without giving credit to the original author; as well as contributing any work to another student with the knowledge that he/she may submit the work in part or in whole as his or her own.

Consequences: A student who plagiarizes will receive zero, may be given the opportunity to rewrite the assignment properly, with a possibility for a pass only. The student, with his or her parents, will meet with the teacher for a review of the plagiarism policy and discuss the details of an assignment on detailing plagiarism. Students may be referred to the school counsellor for counselling. Repeat or chronic offenders will be liable for suspension at the discretion of the principal or vice-principal.

No student shall:

1. In the course of an examination

Obtain or attempt to obtain information from another student or unauthorized source


Give or attempt to give information to another student (i.e.: text messaging)


Use or attempt to use any unauthorized material.

2. Attempt to misrepresent another student, or misrepresent someone else in the taking of an examination, preparation of an assignment or other similar activity.

3. Submit, without the teacher’s knowledge or consent, all or a portion of an essay, thesis, research report, project or assignment for which credit has previously been obtained, or which has been previously submitted in another course.

4. Have a cell phone, MP3 player, IPod or any other electronic device during an evaluation situation, exam or during class time.


Student Discipline Policy
Students are reminded that as students of Westwood they represent our school and community, this includes lunch hour while outside visiting the community neighborhood or during different events.

Unacceptable conduct, includes, but is not limited to:

  • Serious infractions of the student code of conduct

  • Acts which interfere with the learning of others

  • Disrespect towards members of the staff or other students

  • Actions which may be dangerous to the physical well being of others in the school community

  • Actions which show disrespect for the property of the school

  • Actions which are deemed damaging to the reputation of the school (during and after school hours)

Any such actions will result in a review of the students standing and will lead to consequences at the discretion of the principal or vice-principal.

Students at Westwood High School have the responsibility to follow its rules and regulations as well as the spirit in which they were intended. Should a student contravene any of these rules, the administration may decide to impose one of the following consequences:

  1. Lunch detention, given for minor offenses such as and not limited to: dress code infractions, tardiness, and minor misdemeanors in common areas.

  2. After school detention, issued for more serious offenses and not limited to: such as skipping class, disruptive classroom behavior, and damaging property, or for an accumulation of lunch detentions.

  3. Suspension will be considered in cases where students display a violation of the Westwood High School code of conduct. Also, a chronic pattern of misbehavior may lead to this serious consequence.

  4. Expulsion: The school board may expel a student “for just and sufficient cause”. A student may be expelled and enrolled in another school within the school board or expelled from all schools of the school board. In the latter instance, if the student is of compulsory school age, the Director of Youth Protection must be informed.