Senior Campus


Information Systems Policy - Senior Campus


For details refer to the LBPSB Appropriate Use of Computer Internet Communications Policy.

In all locations throughout the school where computers are provided for students’ use, students are expected to maintain these areas by following these policies

  • No food, drink, candy, gum, etc. are to be consumed. These items pose a potential risk to the physical and electronic integrity of the computing equipment.

  • When you leave a workstation, the area should be left clean and free of papers, pens, pencils, erasers, books, and all other garbage and personal belongings. This includes both the desktop and the floor area surrounding the computer. Please return your chair to its proper position.

  • The area around the printers should also be free of unwanted printouts and other scrap papers. If the printer runs out of paper, inform either the teacher or a member of the staff so that you may obtain and install an additional supply.



While the number of workstations made available to students has increased in the past few years, the time and storage space provided to students on individual workstation throughout the school is at a premium. Given these limited resources, we ask the following policies be adhered to:

  • Workstations are provided for academic purposes only. They are not entertainment centres. As such, the unauthorized playing of games is considered inappropriate use of the school’s computing facilities, and is forbidden.

  • Students are not to download or install software of any sort on the school’s workstations or servers.

  • Students leaving a workstation at the end of the day are requested to shut the machine down using the “Shut Down” command.

  • Students are not to alter any of the hardware or software settings or physical connections of the workstation in such a way as to prevent its normal and effective use by others. 



High-speed internet access is provided to all users of Westwood’s computing resources. It is expected that this privilege will be used in a responsible manner, and that the following policies will be adhered to:

  • Students are not to use the Internet facilities to transmit information or data that would reflect badly on the reputation of Westwood High School or any members of its administration, faculty, staff, or student body.

  • The Internet is provided as a tool for academic research. As such, users are not to access sites that contain information or images of a pornographic, defamatory, demeaning, or subversive nature, even under the guise of research.

  • If, at any time, a student shall incur a premium cost from using the Internet, or the school is billed at any time for unauthorized Internet activity, it is the responsibility of the parents of the student involved to cover the costs.

  • Neither the students nor their parents will hold the school or its staff liable for any unauthorized materials retrieved from the Internet.

  • For more information refer to the section on Cyber-Misconduct and Harassment on this website.