Senior Campus



Clubs Available to Students at Westwood Senior


Westwood Senior has a variety of activities available for students to partake in. All students need to do is see which club interests them and get involved. Below is a list of some of the clubs available to students at Westwood.



Journalism is a club that allows students to show their writing capabilities through article writing and personal pieces.  Students gather together during homeroom to develop their work ethic, and get a sense of the world of literature.

  • Bella Gavanski and Olivia Dumas


Library Club:

Westwood Readers is our book discussion group. We meet monthly to discuss the books we’re reading, share our opinions, and give recommendations for future reads. If you are interested in joining our group please see the librarian, Ms. Austin, for more information.

  • Ms. Austin


Art Club:

Art Club is led by teacher Andre Bougie and formed by many students who work hard to make the school more appealing for all to enjoy. They gather once a week to make seasonal decorations. They are going to start working on Christmas decorations, as soon as Remembrance day has passed. Bougie says Art Club is a place where anyone and everyone of all grades can come and experience art.


Drama Club:

Drama Club is led by Mr. Smith and formed by students who enjoy the art of acting. This includes the annual play, which this year is Alice @ Wonderland. Drama Club is a good place to meet new people and learn ways to be more comfortable in front of large audiences. Anyone who would like to contribute to this year’s play, don’t be shy, hit up Mr. Smith!

  • Olivia Dumas


Outdoors Club:

Outdoors Cub is a group formed by Mr. Miller who organizes various camping trips. It encourages people to experience being in nature more, when they otherwise might not have had the chance. It allows them to gather incredibly interesting learning experiences and survival techniques used in either modern or even ancient times.

  • Patrick Lanthier


Model UN:

Model UN club attracts students who are highly motivated and interested in actively participating in discussions, debates, and possible solutions on a wide range of topics. Our members annually participate in conferences locally and in other cities. A model UN conference provides the perfect platform for applying research, improving diplomatic skills, and understanding global challenges from multiple perspectives. Mixed with hundreds and sometimes thousands of other students from all over North America and the world, the various bodies of United Nations as well as historical events are thoroughly discussed and ultimately actions are voted upon.

  • Jason Cordery



Sisterhood is a club that brings girls together in making a change, empowering girls through giving them a safe space where they can speak freely. We are involved in many projects in our school and the surrounding communities including girls night in and an annual anti bullying campaign. Sisterhood creates ever-lasting friendships and brings you into a community you can always look to for support. To get involved please contact Isabella Gavanski, Mrs. White or just show up to room 510 on a Thursday.

  • Bella Gavanski



Brotherhood was created 4 years ago in hopes to better the image of high school boys. The idea behind it is that not all guys are alike and many of us have outstanding qualities. By engaging in school activities year round, Brotherhood aims to raise the bar for our own Westwood boys, but also for teenage boys around the world.

  • Lucas Petropoulos



Ceramics is a club formed by students who want to create pieces of art to bring home. It is also a good opportunity for students to finish pieces they have not completed in class.

  • Laura Spenard


Corporate Pitch:

Corporate pitch is the club that raises money for the Westwood Bridge to Burundi Project. During meetings, we talk about ways to pitch the Bridge to Burundi project to local businesses and corporations to raise the funds needed to keep the Bridge to Burundi initiative going. It’s a great way to practice your public speaking skills, and to get involved in a great project.

  • Bella Gavanski and Olivia Dumas



Yearbook is the club that is in charge of producing the annual yearbook for the school. It includes anyone who is willing to photograph events, write captions, design pages and edit the book. Without Yearbook, there wouldn’t be any place to hold all of your memories of High School. It is especially important to show your support and join this club because without you, there is no yearbook. Contact Olivia Dumas or Hanna Schmoelz for more information.

  • Olivia Dumas