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Guidance and Counselling Services - Senior Campus


Senior School: call (514) 798-4900, dial 2


The school’s professional counsellor is responsible for all matters related to academic and career planning. The counsellor is available to meet with students and also with parents who want to discuss their child’s educational choices both during and after high school. Details concerning course options, vocational programs, CEGEP, and other education and training opportunities are available from the counsellor throughout the year.

High school guidance professionals help high school students solve “problems” as they work towards achieving their high school goals and pave the way for the fulfillment of their dreams.

These “problems” can take many forms like picking the right option courses, getting along with friends, bringing up parents, managing school and life stress, surviving CEGEP application season, identifying options for life after high school, weeding through career choice information, making decisions, dealing with relationships, becoming well-informed about drugs or sex, and the list goes on.

Of course the above are not “problems” for all students, but they can be. And when problems threaten to take your focus off of school and staying on track, that’s a good time to come to Guidance. Sometimes 15 minutes untangling things with the counsellor can save you months of wondering and feeling unsure. Regular appointments can help you learn strategies to take initiative and solve your problems, and have the kind of satisfying life you deserve.

School counsellors are great at listening, and supporting students and parents facing all kinds of challenges. Westwood Senior’s Counsellor is Karen Nesbitt, and she can be reached at the extension above, or via email:






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