Junior Campus



General Information for Students & Parents - Junior Campus



Absence line: (514) 798-4500, ext. 3

Absence e-mail: wwjrattendance@lbpearson.ca

  1. Parents are requested to call the school to report their child’s absence, early departure or late arrival.

  2. In addition to the phone call, we ask parents to email the absence email address or write and sign a note in the student’s personal agenda.

Phone message: Please only leave your name, the student’s full name, the reason and the date of the absence, early departure or late arrival.

  • ALL notes, written in the student’s personal agenda, must be presented by the student to the Main Office BEFORE the beginning of 1st class or upon arrival if late. Main Office opens at 7:45 am.

  • Students who need to go home due to sickness MUST call their parents from the Main Office ONLY. Students must NOT contact their parents via cell phone/electronic device. The Office needs to know that the student is ill and the call has been made.

  • A student must provide a doctor’s note to justify an absence during mid-year exams and end of the year exams.

  • Parents MUST sign their child out at the Main Office BEFORE leaving the premises.

  • Students are NOT permitted to leave the school premises at lunch & recess without being accompanied by their parents.

  • Students are responsible for work missed during an absence or suspension.




Parents are asked to avoid extending school vacations. The periods immediately before and after major holidays are of special importance since testing and starting new units occur at those times.

The student is responsible for work missed during an absence.




For safety reasons, student visitors are not permitted to visit during school hours including recess and lunch. All visitors must report to the Main Office immediately upon arrival and sign-in.




For safety reasons, student visitors are not permitted to visit during school hours including recess and lunch. All visitors must report to the Main Office immediately upon arrival and sign-in. Students should wear clothing that reflects a positive learning environment. It is expected that students wear appropriate, neat and clean clothing at all times. All Westwood High School parents are asked to support the school’s dress code by seeing that their child is properly attired when leaving home in the morning.

Below are SOME guidelines to follow:

  • Clothing/jewelry which depicts drugs, alcohol, beer, violence, profanity or inappropriate language/message may NOT be worn;

  • Hoods, hats, bandanas may be worn OUTDOORS only;

  • Muscle shirts, cut-off shirts and pants, spaghetti straps, tube tops, may NOT be worn;

  • NO ripped or see through/sheer clothing;

  • NO pajama pants;

  • NO undergarments are permitted to be visible including bras, bra-straps and boxer shorts;

  • Midriff must NOT be exposed;

  • Shorts and skirts must be one arm length;

  • Shoes must be worn at all times in the school;

  • Tops must cover the front and the buttocks when wearing leggings/jeggings.




Westwood Phys. Ed. Shirt, Athletic shorts or pants and Running shoes

Consequences for inappropriate dress may include:

  • Student may be given a T-Shirt or sweatpants to wear from the Main Office;

  • Hats or hoodies worn in school could be confiscated.

  • Disciplinary referral could be completed;

  • Parents being called to deliver appropriate clothing;

  • Detention / Suspension / Student being sent home;




Electronic device usage is permitted during personal time (before school, recess, lunch and after school).

Devices are to be turned off unless permission is granted by the teacher. No texting or personal social media during class time.

Use of such devices during class time without permission from the teacher, will lead to confiscation.

An electronic device that falls out of a pocket, or a device that is used as a watch, is subject to these rules as well.

If a staff member asks for the cell phone/electronic device, the student must give it to the staff member.

Cell phones which are being used at inappropriate times and places or in an inappropriate way will be dropped off at the Main Office before classes begin at 7:45 a.m. and picked up at 2:20 p.m. for a period of 5 school days. Second offense, the cell phones will be dropped off and picked up for a period of 10 school days and parents will be called.

Electronic devices are not to be used for taking pictures or videos. Cameras or other photographic devices are not to be used, unless approved by Administration.

Instructional electronic devices may ONLY be used in class with the teacher permission.

It is strongly recommended to keep those electronic devices in the locker or at home. The school cannot assume responsibility for lost or stolen belongings.




The school’s policy on drugs and alcohol is that possession, use, or selling of drugs or drug paraphernalia, and alcohol in the school (on school property or school sanctioned activities) is prohibited. The consequences of any such behavior by students will be severe.

The school reserves the right to search any student or his/her locker, if that student is suspected of having tobacco, drugs or illegal substances or stolen items.

Drug Trafficking (Lester B. Pearson School Board Drug Policy): For any infraction where the use or possession of alcohol or an illicit drug is for the purpose of trafficking/supplying:

  1. The police shall be called to investigate.

  2. The student(s) may be expelled.




Smoking on school property is prohibited at all times. Bill 112 of the Quebec Tobacco Act prohibits smoking on school grounds. Electronic cigarettes are also not allowed to be used on school property.




Cyber-misconduct involves the use of information and communication technologies such as e-mail, cell phone, text messages, instant messaging, defamatory personal web-sites, and defamatory online personal polling web-sites, to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behaviour by an individual or group, which harms others whether intentional or not.

No electronic device may be used to bully, harass, intimidate or threaten the security and wellbeing of any member of the Westwood Community. In the event that there is misuse of technology by hacking, inappropriate messaging, cyber misconduct or on-line harassment of any kind, severe consequences will result with possible police intervention. Parents will be contacted and will be expected to work in partnership with the school. The situation will be dealt with according to the Lester B. Pearson School Board Safe & Caring School Policy and the Anti-Bullying & Anti-Violence Policy.




Bullying: Refers to any repeated direct or indirect behavior, comment, act, or gesture, whether deliberate or not, including in cyberspace, which occurs in a context where there is a power imbalance between the persons concerned and which causes distress and injures, hurts, oppresses, intimidates or ostracizes.

Violence: Refers to any intentional demonstration of verbal, written, physical, psychological or sexual force which causes distress and injures, hurts, or oppresses a person by attacking their psychological or physical integrity or well-being, or their rights or property.

The Westwood High School – Junior Campus Community pledges its support for the position of the Lester B. Pearson School Board’s Safe and Caring School Policy with respect to school safety and security.

To that end, Westwood High School is committed to working towards eliminating all forms of bullying and violence in its community and to taking a regular measure of its school climate as it relates to these particular issues.




Failure to comply with the rules of the school is born out of a disrespect of oneself, others or the learning environment. Inappropriate behaviour will be subject to sanctions.

The following are SOME examples of the consequences you can expect for a given misdemeanour: detention, in-school or out-of-school suspension, special assignments, school community services, after school detention, suspension of privileges (e.g. co-curricular activities, parking on school grounds, etc.) accorded to you by the school, etc. Chronic offenders could be suspended or in very serious offences the school may recommend to the school board that the student be expelled.

It is understood that any sanction mentioned in the “WWHS JR Code of Student Conduct” could be applied, depending on the seriousness of the misdemeanor. We also ask you to refer to the Safe & Caring Policy and the Anti-Bullying & Anti-Violence Policy which you will find on the Lester B. Pearson School Board website.




Being deliberately argumentative with a staff member

Detention/ planning room/out-of-school suspension and/or loss of privileges and parents informed.

Cheating on tests/exams

0% assigned, parents informed.

Failure to report to the Main Office for late arrival or return from an absence without a parental note



Out-of-school suspension.

Play fighting


Food/Beverages in classrooms, and staircases

Warning, school community service.

Forged note

Parents notified, may expect out-of-school suspension, detention and/or loss of privilege.


Detention/suspension/school community service. May be referred for counseling.

Hats/Caps/Bandanas worn in the school

Warning, hats/caps/bandanas will be confiscated.

Homework not done

Detention, parents informed.

Inappropriate displays of affection

Warning, detention, parents may be informed.

Inappropriate language

Warning, detention, school community service.

Late to class

Warning, detention, referral to administration.


Loss of privileges, planning room, suspension.

Not bringing proper materials to class

Warning, detentions, parents informed.

Not respecting the learning environment within the classroom

Warning, detention, referral to administration, planning room.

Off school premises

Detention, planning, room, suspension, parents informed.


0% assigned, parents informed. Repeat offenders may receive more serious consequences including suspension.

Refusal to comply with a directive given by a staff member in the school community

Planning room, out-of-school suspension, loss of privilege and parents informed.

Running/pushing in the hall

Warning, detention, school community service.

Skipping a class

Detention, parents informed.

Skipping a school day

Planning room/ suspension/loss of privileges, parents informed.

Smoking & vaporizing (e-cigarettes)

Suspension, parents informed.

Snow throwing


Swearing at a staff member

Out-of-school suspension, loss of privileges, parents informed.


Restitution, planning room, out-of-school suspension, loss of privileges. Subject to criminal charges, possible expulsion.

Using threatening language and/or gestures

Possible out-of-school suspension, loss of privileges, parents informed.


School community service, restitution, out-of-school suspension, loss of privileges.
Police may be contacted, possible expulsion.

Violence physical / verbal / psychological or sexual in nature

Possible out-of-school suspension, planning room, loss of privileges. Police may be contacted. Possible further sanctions.

Weapons – Possession or use of weapons

Out-of-school suspension, loss of privileges. Police will be contacted, possible expulsion.





Students are not permitted in the school after school hours UNLESS involved in a school activity supervised by a staff member. Students found in school after school hours without permission will be asked to leave and assigned appropriate consequences. Parents could be called to come and transport students home. 




Students are to keep their bags in their lockers.




Students are NOT permitted to order food from other facilities and have it delivered at the school.

The unauthorized selling of food or drinks or other goods by students on school property is prohibited at all times and will face consequences accordingly.




Individual students coming to the library during class time must bring a note from their teacher. Students are expected to do homework or to read. They are not permitted on the computers except for school work. Students are welcome to come to the library during recess or lunch to read, study, do homework, play card or board games, computer gaming and spend time with friends.

NO food or beverages may be consumed in the library, although water bottles are acceptable at the tables. Lunch bags and other edibles must be left at the counter and picked up on the way out.

Computer use - ALL students must sign up to use the computers. Those working on homework have priority over those who want to play games.

Regular books: Students may take up to 3 books for 2 weeks.


Overdue books: $0.05 per school day late.

Damaged or lost books: Replacement value of the book. 




Textbooks are the property of the Lester B. Pearson School Board and must be returned at the end of every school year or upon withdrawal from school during the term.

Any loss or damage beyond reasonable wear must be paid for in full. Once a textbook has been issued, it is the student’s responsibility to look after it carefully.




Anyone finding books, clothes or other articles is requested to return these items to the Main Office.

  • Unidentified articles such as clothing, lunch boxes, shoes, binders, workbooks etc. are stored at the back of the cafeteria.

  • Jewelry, cell phones, electronics are kept at the Main Office.

  • Students are advised not to bring large sums of money or valuable articles to school.

The school is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.




A school is reflected in its students. Westwood High School expects that all students behave appropriately whether they are in school, in transit or participating off premises in any school-organized activity.

Students must demonstrate to the teachers, advisors and/or coaches that they deserve to participate in an activity. Being a member of a school team or a co-curricular activity is a privilege, not a right. 

Participation in extra-curricular activities is subject to regular school attendance, consistent effort in a student’s school work and appropriate behaviour. If any of the above is not being followed, a student may be withdrawn from the activity/ies. Participation is subject to approval by the school administration.

Inappropriate behaviour during a field trip/excursion may result in the student being sent home at the parents’ expenses, and he/she may be excluded from future field trips/excursions.




All students must have a combination lock for their locker.

  • Locks can be bought at the Main Office (price to be determined every year).

  • Students are advised not to share their combinations with other students.

  • The school administration must know the combination to each student’s lock as the school has the right to open lockers in the case of fire, food spoilage, or reasonable suspicion that contraband is stored in lockers.

  • If a new padlock is put on the locker, the student MUST inform the Main Office.

  • If a lock has been stolen or tampered with, it is the responsibility of the student(s) to immediately replace the lock.

  • Students are instructed to not bring to school objects of considerable value or large sums of money. A good rule of thumb is to limit the amount of money kept in a locker to less than $10.

  • It is, of course, forbidden to borrow another student’s books or personal property, or to open a locker without the specific permission of the owner.

  • The school can assume NO responsibility for lost or stolen belongings.




  • Students are to stay in their assigned locker. NO switching lockers with any other student without approval from administration.

  • Lockers will be checked by teachers and administration periodically for cleanliness and verification of locker combinations.

  • Students are responsible for the condition of their locker. If a locker is vandalized, the student(s) must immediately report this incident/damage to the office. Otherwise the student(s) will be expected to pay for any and all repairs to their locker.




School staff is not authorized to give any medication (Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin, Benadryl, Polysporin, etc.) to students.

  • Prescribed medication on a daily basis will be kept in the Resource room.

  • Prescribed medication for severe allergies/diabetes is to be kept at the Main Office.




During fire evacuations and other emergencies, everyone in the school must leave the building as quickly as possible without resorting to running; responding as quickly as possible to instructions given by teachers and staff members, and observing the necessary “no talking” rule in force during the evacuation of the building.

Tampering with a fire alarm and/or fire extinguishers will result in a fine being levied.



  • Follow the teacher’s instructions at ALL TIMES.

  • Walk with the classmates IN SILENCE to the exit indicated by the teacher.

  • Walk and stand outside in a straight single line with their group to the designated area.

  • Stay with their class IN SILENCE (do not mix with other classes).

  • Keep silent as teachers have to take attendance and wait for further instructions given by the firemen or the Principal.

  • Students who happen to be away from their classroom (washroom, etc.) when the fire alarm goes off, are to proceed outside using the closest exit and MUST immediately report to one of the secretary – DO NOT try to find your class.




The following codes are to be used by all personnel in the Lester B. Pearson School Board for alerting dangers. For all the color codes, everyone on staff should be well versed in what to do in each case.


Lockdown i.e. violent person(s) in the building.
Close and lock doors and windows.
DO NOT leave the room and gather students on the floor out of the sightline of the intruder(s).


Be prepared for an evacuation
Prepare students, get attendance book and wait for more information.


Everyone report to a certain collection area inside the building i.e. gym, etc.


Open the windows and wait for more information