Junior Campus



Physical Education and Athletics



Our objectives include participation, regular attendance, proper uniform, positive attitude and cooperation with class members and staff. Skills are developed according to individual abilities, and physical fitness is promoted throughout our yearly program.


Course Content

The program provides a balance of individual and team activities such as: badminton, basketball, field hockey, soccer, track & field, volleyball and health & fitness.


Student Responsibilities

  1. Each student is required to wear a school uniform for all physical education classes. This consists of a school t-shirt, shorts or sweatpants and gym socks. Running shoes must be clean and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Students will be advised in advance to bring appropriate clothing for outdoor activities.

  2. If a student cannot participate fully in the P.E. class, a parental note must be sent to the teacher. If this is a chronic condition, or one that involves missing more than three classes, a medical note from a doctor must be provided. In this case the student will be required to complete a project for the physical education teacher to make up lost marks.

  3. The gym locker room is to be used for changing clothes before and after gym activities only, and any loitering, eating or smoking in this area is not permitted.

  4. All watches, rings, earrings and other large jewellery should be removed prior to physical activity. These items should be locked in the regular locker. DO NOT leave money or wallets in the locker room. The physical education department staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Interscholastic Athletics

All Lester B. Pearson School Board secondary schools participate in the Greater Montreal Athletic Association. Team tryout dates and age restrictions will be posted on the board outside the gym. All students are invited to try out for the teams; however, this aspect of the program is designed for those students wishing to pursue a particular sport at an elite level. A registration fee is required, as well as commitment to the team and coach for all practices and games.

It should be noted that Westwood High School boasts the greatest interscholastic participation within the Lester B. Pearson School Board. This is another first within the board. With your help and your continued support, we hope to continue this proud tradition.