Westwood High School



Westwood High School Programs


Academic Program – Approaches to Learning

Westwood High School offers a wide variety of programs to meet the needs and interests of its students. Students who are seeking academic enrichment are able to apply to enter the Matrix program at the Junior Campus. A French Immersion Program and English Program are the other two pathways in Secondary l and ll. The Junior Campus offers the following four options courses to its students:



Visual Arts, Dance/Fitness, Drama, and Music

Upon entry to the Senior Campus, students have an opportunity to follow several different pathways and option courses. Academic enrichment is offered in English, French and Sciences. Physics and Chemistry option courses are available to students who choose to pursue a science pathway. A Spiral Math Program with a smaller class size is available to students to help them meet graduation requirements. An accelerated Math Program gives students the chance to take a Pre-Calculus course in Secondary V. The Senior Campus also offers a Work Oriented Training Path (WOTP) and an Alternative Program to meet the learning profiles and needs of our students. A wide variety of option courses are offered which include Music, Drama, Art, Woodworking, Yoga, Ceramics, Anthropology, Art Plastique, Intro to Art, Advanced Art, Sport of Basketball, Finance, Fitness and Health, I-Class, Outdoor Education, Physical Education Leadership, Digital Photography & Spanish. 



Extra-Curricular Activities

Westwood High School offers a range of engaging extracurricular activities to its students. These include but are not limited to Sports, Coding Club, Robotics, Mural Painting, Dance, Talent Show, Student Life, Yearbook Committee, Band, Jazz Band, Sisterhood Club, Variety Show, GSA, Model UN club, Bridge to Burundi, Art Club and International Development Project.