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Peaceful Schools International


Monday November 22, 2010

Indicating our commitment to creating and maintaining a culture of peace in our school; today, Westwood Senior High became a member of Peaceful Schools International. The vision of PSI is to build a global network of peaceful schools; we are proud to be counted among its members.

At the ceremony of celebration were representatives of the student body, teachers and administration, parents and guests from the community of Hudson, the police and Westwood Junior High. Ms Judy Grant is the Lester B. Pearson representative of PSI and she was present to share the history of the organization and congratulate Westwood Senior on their successful membership application. In recognition that a climate of peace involves cooperation from everyone, oaths declaring this commitment were read by Amanda Fowler-Clarke and Zach Fieldsend on behalf of the students, Mr. Dean Graddon read the oath on behalf of the teachers, Penny Squires and Norah Dawson on behalf of the parents.


Student Oath for PSI ceremony
written by teenagers in Northern Ireland

We the Children of the world
Declare peace on the future.
We want a planet free of war and weapons.
We want an end to disease
death and destruction.
Hatred and hunger and homelessness
make no sense to us.
We want them done away with.
Our earth gives us food enough for all-
We will share it
Our skies give us rainbows everywhere-
We will keep them clear.
We want to laugh together, play together,
work together, learn from each other,
explore and improve life for everyone.
We are for peace, now and forever.



Parent Oath for PSI Ceremony

I will establish a direct and personal contact with my child’s school by visiting it and getting a firsthand knowledge of its teaching activities and facilities.

I will demonstrate constructive attitudes towards school and its programs by supporting and cooperating with the teaching staff and school board.

I will make no criticism of the school without ensuring that I have accurate and first-hand information.

I will encourage a positive attitude on the part of my child and will refrain from criticism of the teachers or school in her/his presence.

I will accept my share of the responsibility for the partnership between school and home in the education of my child.



Teacher Oath for PSI Ceremony

All children are created whole, with natural intelligence
with dignity and wonder, worthy of respect.
The idea of life, liberty, and happiness
includes children as they are original blessings
and here to learn their own song.
Every girl and boy is entitled
to love, to dream, to belong to a family.
and to pursue a life of purpose.
We affirm our duty
to nourish and nurture the young,
to honour their caring ideals as the heart of a human being.
We recognize the early years as the foundation of life
and are humbled by our immense responsibility
to help build that foundation.
We commit ourselves to peaceful ways
And vow to keep from harm or neglect
these - our most vulnerable citizens.