Junior Campus


School Policies, Rules and Regulations - Junior Campus


Fire/Emergency Evacuation

During fire evacuations and other emergencies, everyone in the school must leave the building as quickly as possible without resorting to running; responding as quickly as possible to instructions given by teachers, and observing the necessary “no talking” rule in force during the evacuation of the building.

Tampering with a fire alarm and/or fire extinguishers will result in a fine being levied.



  1. Follow the teacher’s instructions AT ALL TIMES.

  2. Walk with their classmates IN SILENCE to the exit indicated by the teacher (no running, no pushing).

  3. Walk and stand outside in a straight line with their group to the designated area:

Front: on the grass island between the street and the bus parking lot
Back: on the first football field
  1. Stay with their class (do not mix with other classes) IN SILENCE.

  2. Keep silent as teachers have to take attendance and wait for further instructions given by the firemen or the Principal.

  3. Students who happen to be away from their classroom (washroom, etc.) when the fire alarm goes off, are to proceed outside using the closest exit and MUST report to one of the secretaries immediately (do not try to find your class).

Alerting Code System

The following codes are to be used by all personnel in the Lester B. Pearson School Board for alerting dangers. For all of the color codes everyone on staff should be well versed in what to do in each case.


Code RED: Lockdown i.e. violent person(s) in the building
Close & lock doors and windows, don’t leave the room and gather students on the floor out of the sightline of the intruder(s).
Code YELLOW: Be prepared for an evacuation
Prepare students, get attendance book and wait for more information
Code GREEN Everyone report to a certain collection area inside the building
e.g. gym, etc.
Code BLUE: Open the windows and wait for more information