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Transportation - Junior Campus

Late Bus Routes 2018-2019


Parents who are concerned about a bus problem (a bus often late or a bus that does not arrive, a problem with a route, etc.) should phone the Transportation Department at (514) 422-3001 or visit the Transportation website https://transportation.lbpsb.qc.ca

  • Transportation services are offered to our students to bring the students to school and to return the students home after school ONLY.

  • Students are NOT permitted to take a friend’s bus to go to their friend’s house even with a note from parents.

  • Parents must make alternative arrangements when away on vacation or for any other reason. No temporary bus pass will be issued.

Bus Pass: Students MUST have their bus pass with them during the entire school year. The bus pass is the property of the school board and may not be loaned or transferred to another student. Students bus passes are available on the Parent Fusion Portal.

Late busses: Special bus routes will be provided and late bus passes will be sold to those students involved in supervised afterschool activities ONLY (ie. tutoring, homework program, music, sports or special events). Details (time, days & cost per ride) will be finalized in September of every school year. Late bus routes are posted on the school’s website.

Transportation of equipment: Students are permitted to carry ONLY their school bag and/or lunch box* on the school bus. Any other items MUST be brought to school by the parents. *Ice-skates may be allowed provided they are enclosed in the student’s school bag.




For safety reasons:

  • We highly recommend that parents do NOT drop off their child at the school before 7:30 am.

  • DO NOT use the school bus drop off zone whilst school buses are dropping off and collecting students.

  • Respect the one-way signs at the front of the school.

  • Use the staff/visitor parking to either drop off or pick up your son/daughter. Parking is an ongoing safety issue, please be vigilant.

  • Students are NOT to walk across the bus parking lot to meet their parents.




The use of scooters by students to and from school is a privilege. Students and parents must sign a contract with the school’s administration highlighting the fact that they understand the regulations regarding the use of scooters while at school.

Any student not respecting the conditions on the contract will not be granted permission to bring their scooter to school. 





  • Skateboarding/In-line skating is permitted at a specific area at the back of the school.

  • Students MUST wear appropriate safety equipment. Skateboards and in-line skates CANNOT be transported on the school busses.

  • Students MUST secure their bicycle to the bike rack. The school is not responsible for any loss or damages done to bicycles.

Students must wear a helmet.