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14 Student Life to Verdun
Senior Campus
17 Band Concert
Period 4
Senior Campus
21 Modified Schedule
Senior Dismissal 11:15 am Junior Dismissal 11:20am
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Westwood High School




Westwood High School, with Junior and Senior Campuses located in St. Lazare and Hudson, is unique within the Lester B. Pearson School Board as it is the only secondary school with two separate campuses. Despite the physical division, Westwood High School is united under a common vision. 



Junior Campus


The Junior Campus bridges the gap between the small personal world of elementary school and the larger, more complex world of the senior school. The school has approximately 400 secondary students in Secondary I and II. The staff of the junior school is particularly sensitive to the rapid social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of their students. Activities are geared to the young adolescents’ transition from child to teenager and we attempt to give each student the guidance they need to make the correct choices. Teachers in each of the curriculum areas work together to ensure that cross-disciplinary connections are made as often as possible.



Senior Campus


The Senior Campus is comprised of Secondary III, Secondary IV, and Secondary V. The school recognizes that students in the senior school are significant participants in their own educational process.


While students may still require considerable direction and guidance, they need freedom to make personal decisions, and to voice concerns, in a safe environment in which to transition into adulthood. Teachers in the senior school act as facilitators to allow their students the opportunity to take greater responsibility for their own work.

The school has approximately 600 secondary students, from Secondary III to V, with a long tradition of academic excellence. 90% of our graduates continue their studies at CEGEPs or vocational schools.



Mission Statement


The mission of Westwood High School is to educate the future citizens and leaders by giving students the opportunity to participate in activities that make their community and the world a better place. We do this through our commitment to academic excellence, to the power of athletics and the arts, and to the promotion of community service.


In the classrooms of Westwood High School students will be provided with a tolerant and peaceful environment for learning. The school will foster a sense of self-esteem and respect for all. Students will be given multiple opportunities to develop healthy lifestyles with exposure to new ideas and new ways of understanding the world around them. This learning environment will promote a collaborative approach to learning as well as emphasize the value of lifelong learning. From this, students will begin to develop a path in life with a sense of their own unique talents and how they will fit into the larger world around them.



Vision Statement


The vision for Westwood High School will be to set the standard for learning in the twenty-first century. Academic excellence, positive attitudes towards learning and solid language skills in both French and English will be the focus of the dedicated quality teaching staff. The rapidly advancing digital technology in our world will be continually evaluated and included in the school curriculum. The commitment to creativity will be provided through the promotion of the arts of music, drama, dance and visual art. Staff involvement in sports, student life, and community service will continue to be a vital part of the school’s environment. We are committed to creating and sustaining the conditions that enable all Westwood High School students to experience a comprehensive general education while optimizing their own self-worth and pride, their own unique gifts, and their progress in their intellectual, social and personal educational journey.







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