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31 Senior Campus
Academic Awards Night
6:30 pm
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1 Senior Campus
Athletic Banquet
7:00 pm
3 WUFC Grad Camping Trip
at Camping D’Aoust
3rd - 4th
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Westwood High School



Junior Campus


The junior campus bridges the gap between the small personal world of elementary school and the larger, more complex world of the senior school. The junior campus includes Secondary I and II. Teachers in each of the curriculum areas work together to ensure that cross-disciplinary connections are made as often as possible. Teachers of the junior school level are particularly sensitive to the rapid social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of their students.


Senior Campus


The senior campus comprises secondary III, secondary IV, and secondary V. The school recognizes that students in the senior school are significant participants in their own educational process.


While students may still require considerable direction and guidance, they need some freedom to make personal decisions, to freely voice specific concerns, and to feel comfortable talking with adults about mature issues. Teachers in senior school recognize that they should play a less didactic role and must allow their students the opportunity to take greater responsibility for their own work.

This year, the school houses approximately 700 secondary students, from secondary III to V, and has a long tradition of academic excellence and constructive discipline. As a result our students do very well and approximately 90% of our graduates go on to further studies at CEGEPs (college) and vocational schools.



May 20, 2016

Westwood Junior students visit Montreal Children's Hospital

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May 11, 2016

Westwood Senior Concert Band members wins gold medal at the MusicFest Canada National Competition

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Mission Statement


The school’s faculty, parents, and students support clearly stated common shared values. These values are:

  • Promote life long learning.

  • Help students develop a positive attitude towards learning throughout their lives.

  • Achieve academic excellence.

  • Focus on academics excellence through support and follow-up.

  • Promote a safe and peaceful school, where everyone is free to learn in an environment fostering a culture for learning.





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