Homework is a very important component of a student’s education. Its purpose is as follows:

  • PREPARATION - to prepare a student for an upcoming class.

  • PRACTICE - to reinforce and consolidate concepts learned in class. Practice may also lead to a better understanding when a concept has been imperfectly grasped in class.

  • STUDY – to prepare properly for test and exams.

  • ENRICHMENT – to provide creative assignments that allow students to go beyond the standard curriculum and challenge themselves.

  • WORK/STUDY SKILLS – to offer an opportunity for students to learn, practice, or expand their organizational and study skills.

  • EXTENSION - to provide for the completion of homework begun in class allowing for more teaching time.

  • HOME/SCHOOL COMMUNICATION - to offer parents a window into the student’s progress.


How much time are students expected to spend on homework on a daily basis?

A number of factors have direct impacts on the length of time a student will spend on homework. Among them are the varying expectations of parents, and the differing efficiency, interests, aptitudes, and dedication of students. Furthermore, the amount of homework to be done each day can vary, particularly when a student has procrastinated on long-term assignments. Secondary III students are expected to carry-out an average of approximately 100 minutes of daily homework. Secondary IV students are expected to carry-out an average of approximately 125 minutes of daily homework. Secondary V students are expected to carry-out an average of approximately 150 minutes of daily homework.

Supplementary reading is required at all levels. Students should budget their own time to read a supplementary novel each term. This includes major assignments such as projects, speeches, and term paper. Many students feel comfortable dealing with such assignments in one long period rather than half an hour at a time during the week.


What is the policy of making up missed work?

When a student misses a class (es) for any reason, the work must be completed and assignments are due the day the student returns. It is the responsibility of the student to contact classmates for assignments.

In the event of an illness or excused absence lasting three or more days, the student is expected to speak to each teacher to determine whether an adjustment in assignments is acceptable and to set a mutually convenient due date for any work or tests which must be done.

Students who do not complete assigned work may be assigned time in the After School Homework Supervision Program to complete the assigned work